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Ere dis!!! In January 2 new Shaggy tunes will be released on the "Kitchen-table"-Riddim by Ranch-Entertainment: "Go my way" und "She´s what I´m into"! Check it out!





Shaggy and his team (Rayvon, Red Fox und Shaun Pizzonia) formed Ranch Entertainment in early 2011, after departing Big Yard Music Group.

"The Ranch" is Shaggy´s former private house in the surroundings of New York. In an early interview he said, it was a mistake to built a studio in the cellar of the own house- because you´re working at home then. After a short period of time, he bought a new house in Miami and from that point on he used his former private house as a studio. At the time, he lived in this house, he called it "The Ranch". Now this name is the eponym for his new label.

In addition to Shaggy, Ranch Entertainment’s world-renowned artist roster includes Rayvon and Red Fox. With fusion as their formula, they routinely collaborate with a variety of artists including Tarrus Riley, J Boog, Gyptian, Alaine, Laza Morgan and Assassin. Their impressive international collaborators include Ne-Yo, Eve, Kat DeLuna, Joe and Mario Wynans, to name a few.

You can find Ranch-merch in the online-Fanshop. Check out the catalogue here on this page!

If someone wants to visit the Ranch:

New York
PO Box 1060, Valley Stream, NY 11580



Responsibilities @ Ranch Ent:


CEO:                             Shaggy


Chief producer:              Shane Hoosong



Busin. deals/Tour Mng:   Paul Lee




Shaggy´s Manager:         Martin Kierszenbaum


Manager Caribbean

Territories:                      Sharon Burke

Ranch Entertainment Launch Party



Ranchent...Carved in stone!






For those, who are really interested in the ranch-Family (and thus are not only mean that 5 members listed above), posting their doings regulary and pursued what they made, they will get a lot of love from this community back to them. Stars like Andre Fennell, Sting International, Kue Esposito, Deepitboss, TonyCDKelly, Paul Lee or Melissa Musique (to name a few), as well as Shaggy's wife Rebecca follow their true fans, for example on Instagram, like photos and comment on them.

For fans something very special to be in interaction with the Stars so intense. Hats off to the ranch-Family- they care about their fans !!!

Photo evidence of this can be found here: (click to enlarge)

THAT moment, when Shaggy´s writing a PN to you
The Bo$$ writing back
Rebecca Burrell follows us & thanks for a nice meeting
Shaggy himself wishes a happy birthday
Sometimes he shares my posts on IG...
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The legendary Sting shares my posts!
Raetown also kindly shows how fans wear the merch
His management is also reposting
Shaggy shares all_about_shaggy on his Homepage.
Also the mighty Bounty Killer reposts from
Shaggy´s Management...
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Shaggy is not only a gifted singer, but still an incredibly talented songwriter. Over the past 28 years, he has written and sung over 400 songs. So it's only natural that you sometimes would like to know how Shaggy's "workplace" looks like. And here are the insights about this:



Outside and surroundings:

View from the road
Ranch outside
Ranch garage
All of Shaggy´s pride...
...his Ferrari 550 Maranello
With his Mercedes
Ranch from above
Shaggy & Sting on their way to a cafe in the neighbourhood
Shaggy & Sting in front of the coffee shop
Shaggy & Sting chillin...
...satisfying fans...
and doing selfies

Ground floor:

Entrance with Shaggy
Entrance area with bar
Making a doku
Relaxing on the couch
View from the bar over to the lounge area
Eating area next to the bar
Snack in the bar
Lounge area
Lounge area
Terrace (at night)

Upper Floor

Outside bedroom 1
Second bedroom
Diff. angle
Dressing room
Dressing room
Dressing room
Childrens room
Lamp in there
Shaggy inside


Exit to the basement
Billardroom-anteroom studio
Billardroom-old style
Billardroom-new style
Interview inside the billardroom
Billardr. 3rd side
Slots billardroom
Drums f. rehearsal
Little working space
Working space left side

Old studio:

1st studio (90s)
Entry studio
2000´s studio
The 250.000 $ equipment
Middle segment
Left side
Right side

Conversion and new studio:

Cored studio
Right side
Middle area
Left side
Left side of the room
Small room on the left w. cutter
Vocal room



Shaggy @ work
Side view (right)
Side view (left)
In detail
Rear view

Shaggy was working in his studio since 1995, in autumn 2015 it was time for the second makeover, the first within 15 years. Big big hits like "It wasn't me", "Angel", "Strength of a woman", das komplette #HOTSHOT Album, "What's love", "Church heathen", "Fight this feeling", "You girl", "Feel the rush", "Fly high", "Luv mi luv mi" or " I need your love" and many more were produced here. Now the pictures of the new Studio are online- enjoy your "tour" - Yours M.G.



Always searching for that Killer-beat: The Ranch-Crew >

Shaggy was not always enjoying an own recording studio. In the early years, half of his catalogue was produced in the HFC Studios in Freeport. Big massive tunes like "Mampie", "Big Up", "Oh Carolina", "Boombastic" or "That Girl" only to name a few were done there. Now, Shaggy could buy the central recording machine and displays it full of proud within the Ranch.








(2011) Tracklist:

1 "Good Good" by Alaine feat Shaggy    
2 "Green Faces" by Christopher Martin    
3 "Gweh" by Shaggy feat CeCile    
4 "No Gum" by Lady Saw    
5 "Tip Me" by Cecile    
6 "Get Crunked Up" by Future Fambo    
7 "Wanna Love You" by Red Fox and Ishawna
8 "Bank Account" by Lukie D    
9 "Pree Me Suh" by Spoogie

(2012) Tracklist:

1 "Make Up" by Shaggy feat. Wayne Wonder
2 "Love Mi Jamaica" by Red Fox, GC & Shaggy
3 "Couple Up" by Konshens    
4 "One More Shot" by Rayvon    
5 "Whyne" by Gyptian    
6 "Love we long time" by RSNY    
7 "Sexy For Yah" by Italis & Shaki    
8 "Not The One" by Tennille Amor    
9 "Lust 4 You" by Ding Dong & M.Dot

(2014) Tracklist:

1 "Need you in my life" by Shaggy ft. Shaki
2 "One more night" by I Octane
3 "Let go" by Maniac
4 "Girl yuh bad" by Shaggy, Agent Sasco & J Sean

(2014) Tracklist:

1 "Work so hard" by Shaggy
2 "Ready fi Josey" by Josey Wales
3 "Playing games with my heart" by Chris Martin
4 "Right pon time" by Red Fox
5 "Raise your glass" by Screechy Dan
6 "Yuh look good" by Andre "GC" Fennell

(2016) Tracklist:

1 "Hurdle dem" by Screechy Dan ft. Shaggy
2 "Pressure Buss Pipe" by Kranium
3 "Free your mind" by Red Fox
4 "They don´t know" by RSNY
5 "Gonna feel it" by Agent Sasco ft. Rayvon
6 "Goody" by Andre "GC" Fennell
7 "Dem ano crook" by Andre "GC" Fennell
8 "True money" by Kemar Highcon

(2020) Tracklist:

1 "Jamaica Holiday" by Shaggy ft. Ne-Yo + DingDong
2 "Go my way" by Noah Powa ft. Shaggy + Shane Hoosong
3 "Stoplight" by Bounty Killer
4 "Spice Holiday" by Spice
5 "She´s what I´m into" by Assailant ft. Shaggy + Tony Gold

(2012) Tracklist:

1 "Just Another Girl" by Shaggy ft. Tarrus Riley
2 "Avalanche" by Alaine    
3 "Selecta" by Rayvon    
4 "Rocky Daddy Love" by Red Fox & Alja    
5 "Reggae Morning" by Gyptian    
6 "Low The Gunz" by J Boog    
7 "Live Your Life" by Yung Juggz

(2013) Tracklist:

1 "If You Love Me" by Tessanne Chin    
2 "Bubble My Way" by Agent Sasco & Maxi Priest    
3 "Let Me Take You There" by  Red Fox & Jimmy Cozier    
4 "Where You Been All My Life" by Samira

(2014) Tracklist:

1 "The Mix Up" by Assassin aka Agent Sasco
2 "Vex If Yuh Wa Vex" by Shaggy
3 "You Could Be My Lover" by Jimmy Cozier & Melissa Musique
4 "Mek Wi Blaze It Up" by RSNY
5 "The Night Shift" by Red Fox
6 "My Sound Stands Alone" by Screechy Dan & Jonny Osbourne
7 "Loving That You Like" by Shaki
8 "Gal pickney wah we want" by Shaggy ft. Christopher Martin

(2015) Tracklist:

1 "Hold tight" by Rayvon
2 "Magical (Your love is)" by Tony Gold
3 "I wonder" by Amber Lee
4 "Fish and Bammy riddim instrumental" by Ranchent

(2017) Tracklist:

1 "Pum Pum Phat" by Shaggy ft. Melissa Musique
2 "Conqueror" by Agent Sasco
3 "Love is all I bring" by Spraggy Benz  
4 "Brooklyn Swing" by Red Fox  

In addition to the many famous albums and singles from Shaggy, his label "Ranch-Ent" released since his inception in 2010 several riddim compilations on which a different riddim is interpreted by up to 9 artists, each with different text. All riddims yet released are listed here.







Big Yard was Shaggy´s first self-founded label- a joint venture between him, Rayvon and former manager Robert Livingston. Founded in 1996, the label was responsible for many of Shaggy´s big hit records. Rik Rok, Christopher Martin, D-major, Iceman, D-Lynx oder Richi Loops only to name a few, were under contract. After seperation of his manager Bert Livingston, Shaggy left the project and founded Ranch Ent.






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