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Ere dis!!! In January 2 new Shaggy tunes will be released on the "Kitchen-table"-Riddim by Ranch-Entertainment: "Go my way" und "She´s what I´m into"! Check it out!





A gigantic project was launched in the spring of 2017. Shaggy met Sting. The plan was actually only 1 song together. They became friends very fast, so two tracks were recorded. In autumn 2017, Shaggy asked Sting if he would like to participate in Shaggy & Friends 2018. He agreed, and in the course of the conversation, the idea of a joint album was born. At the beginning of January 2018, Sting was in Jamaica for one week. The to-do list was packed:

• Rehearsals for Shaggy & Friends
• Joint visit to the Bustamante Hospital
• Press conference
• Appearance at Shaggy & Friends
• Premiere of the first song together called "Don't make me wait"
• Video-Shoot to "Don't make me wait"

Impressions of Sting´s Jamaica trip and their New York trip a few days later for you exclusively here:



Over the course of 2017, a deep friendship developed between Shaggy and Sting. It quickly became clear that 2 songs together are not enough. A joint-album was the goal. In the second half of January 2018, after an intensive preparation time, Shaggy and Sting recorded almost day and night in a studio in New York. Pictures of this recording marathon you can see here:


In 2018, the Grammy Awards took place in New York for the first time in 15 years. Before that, it was held in Los Angeles since 2003. As a surprise guest this year, a singer who has already won a Grammy, but has never occurred at the ceremony: Shaggy. Together with Sting he performed their common song "Don't make me wait". And as an addition they have performed a short version of Sting's "Englishman in New York" in the modified, because extremely suitable variant "Jamaican in New York". Here are some impressions of the gala:

On Feb. 4th, 2018, the 52nd Superbowl (Superbowl LII) took place. Shaggy and Sting performed their joint-song 'Don´t make me wait'. 

As one of the many major television interviews in the course of the album release the one on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show should be mentioned. Here are some impressions.

For their more than successful cooperation, Shaggy and Sting have already received gold records in several countries.

Shaggy and Sting appeared as coaches on 'The voice France'.

By the way, Sting and his manager Martin Kierszenbaum designed the back of the album box. They simply cut up a tracklist of the album written by Sting during the recording sessions and glued them together in the correct order. On the right you can see the original and the final version on the box and Sting at work.

Below are some impressions of the 44/876 Europe Tour 2018. With revenues of more than $ 11 million, it is considered very successful, and as you can easily see in the pictures, Shaggy and Sting also had endless fun!

The 44/876 Tour 2018/2019 included a total of 68 concerts in Europe, North-, Central- and South America.

Additional dates:

5.11.18  Ekaterinburg, Russia / 7.11.18  Kazan, Russia / 9.11.18  St. Petersburg, Russia / 11.11.18  Moscow, Russia / 14.11.18  Kiev, Ukraine / 16.11.18  Prague, Czech R. / 17.11.18  Lodz, Poland / 19.11.18 Gdansk, Poland / 24.11. 18 Budapest, Hungary/ 19.05.19 London, UK/ 22.05.19 Newcastle, UK/ 24.05.19 Birmingham, UK/ 25.05.19 Manchester, UK

All Shaggy tour dates from 2008 - 2020! - Download here:

Shaggy is also working every now and then for other artists, either by composing a riddim, creating lyrics or both of them. There are countless examples of such songs, some of them are listed here:

  • "Lie till I die" from Marsha Morrison
  • "Your Eyes" from RikRok
  • "Caribbean girl" from RikRok
  • "Slow Motion" from Vybz Kartel
  • "They don´t know" from Red Fox
  • "Move and Gweh" from Spragga Benz
  • "Damn right" from Mr. Vegas (Shaggy co-produced the whole album)
  • "Non fiction"- Album of Ne-yo (Shaggy co-produced the whole album)
  • "It all comes back to love" - Album of Maxi Priest (Shaggy co-produced the whole album)
  • "Evolve Through Love" - album of Tenille Amor (Shaggy also co-produced this album)
  • "Be yourself" - album of Bugle (Shaggy co-produced the whole album - videos on the right)
  • Some songs of Eva Shaw
  • "Love and life" - album of I-Octane (some songs)
  • "Couple up" from Konshens
  • "Believe in love" from Maxi Priest
  • 2021 upcomng Spice-Album (co-produced the whole album)

Bugle & Shaggy in da Ranch

A dubplate is an acetate disc – usually 10 inches in diameter –  The name dubplate refers to an exclusive, 'one-off' acetate disc recording pioneered by reggae sound systems but also used by drum and bass and other electronic music producers, DJs and sound systems. These dubplates will often be either unreleased recordings (which may or may not end up being made available to the general public) or exclusive versions or remixes of existing recordings.

A dubplate special, also known as a dubplate or special, is an exclusive version of a piece of music, usually (re-recorded) by a reggae, dancehall, dubstep, drum and bass, grime, bouyon, soca, chutney, hip hop or any other genre artist that the sound system is able to solicit for the dubplate.

These recordings are often used for competing in a sound clash, in which rival reggae or soca sound systems compete with each other to produce the most imaginative or unusual dubplate specials. The exclusivity of the recording is made evident by changes to the usual lyrics to include the name of the sound system that has commissioned the recording, often remarking on the prowess of the sound system in question, and sometimes the weaknesses of the opposing sound system(s) in a given competition.

Also from Shaggy lots of dubplates are existing, mainly from the songs "Boombastic", "Church heathen", "Just another girl" and "Bonafide girl". To some of them you can listen here:

Boombastic for Pushman

Bonafide girl for Phlatline Sound

Boombastic for Supa Tone

Bonafide girl for Kinky Sound

Fly high for soccer-player Miccoli

BB f. Revolutionary Brothers

Church H. f. Rootsman Sound Sys


From time to time some information, provided by Shaggy himself or his immediate environment, passes through on which songs he´s currently working on, who are the partners and the producers in the background. Some photos and videos will show, what we can look forward to!




Asked about a Shaggy & Rayvon Album, Shaggy mentioned: "We actually started it, it was in completion, but at this time I had some label problems and no distributor, but I like to re-visit it in the near future!"

Shaggy is also extremely popular with the young generation.

In May / June 2020 his hit 'Banana' (with Conkarah) topped the TikTok Weekly Top Tracks Charts. This means that this song has been used most often on TikTok videos worldwide. Congratulations!

Shaggy in front of his awards
Shaggy´s platinum certification
Gold for Hot Shot


Within an interview, Shaggy shows some of his big big amount of Silver-, Gold- and Platin Records and his Diamant certification. Unbelieveable how many awards he has collected during his carreer, which is Lasting for 30 years now.








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A look behind the scenes of songwriting



Much of you constantly ask themself, how Shaggy produces his songs. Here are some answers:

  • Shaggy constantly write songs, whether he´s on tour or not. He recorded them at the time, he is not on tour in his own record studio, the Ranch. In such times, he produces 4 or 5 songs in a bunch as he said. Sometimes a lot of musical ideas dam up in his head, and back at the ranch, he can let his creativity run free, as a twitter-message shows: "Finally back at the ranch' give thanks for a safe arrival .. Abt to go hard in the studio .... Gotta get all this stored up music outa my head!"
  • Sometimes, he has a beat, and built a song around it- but it works also vice versa.
  • According to him, he has laying somewhere around 200 songs in the studio, that are yet to be released. From this songs he takes lines oder hooks and built new songs, which he needs for a future project. "I didn't just sit down and write an album from scratch, it came about from a bunch of songs I already had."
  • As any artist, he has much more songs than he need at the time, he works on a new album. How does he chose the ones, which will be released? "I ask people, whose opinion is important to me. If my first four bars don´t hold their attention, then it´s no good. If I don´t get a reaction out of them from the minute, the music starts, then I´m not onto something!"
  • But why doesn´t he record tunes with greats of the Business more often? He said: "When i worked with RikRok nobody knew him. When I did Angel with Rayvon, nobody knew him. The reason I do that is those guys are more willing to come on board to help promote the Songs. They take direction better. When I´m with big Acts, there´s a lot of ego that comes in with management and red tape. What is supposed to be a really fun project becomes a bit of a nightmare as you go down the line and I really just don´t want to deal with that. I just can´t. So you need first-class-seats for you, your five assistants and your dog? You only have red M&M´s? Okay, I can´t! The thing with Sting is that it was a friendship that we merged into a project."
  • What does he think about critics, he´s reading in the newspaper: "I remember reading an article when 'Boombastic' came out that said, "This 'Boombastic' crap isn't worth the plastic," soon after it made number one and I found myself sitting opposite the critic that wrote that and he sat there saying, "Oh! The first time I heard that record I found it so brilliant!" and I just sat there laughing. I never let him know that I knew it was his article, because at the time I was quite hurt by it, and when I look back now, he was the guy that made me stop paying attention to anything anyone else said. That guy was such a learning process for me; he didn't even know what he did. He made me such a better artist from that point on, and now nothing anybody writes matters any more to me."

Shaggy about problems on the way to get a hit-record: "Major record companies not gonna put millions of dollars in marketing and promotion. So I´m the guy, whose always in the build and never got a budget. But this end in making incredible records. The companies say then: Oh shit, the reggae guy is goin´, so lets fuckin go- put some money in that fuckin shit. So that´s how it normally works for me."




Shaggy has recorded over 200 songs together with duet partners. One fact, which is interesting at all, is, from which part of the world his duet partners came from. On this map is shown, that the artists are spreaded over 20 different countries around the planet. Listed are all duet partners outside of Jamaica.