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Ere dis!!! In January 2 new Shaggy tunes will be released on the "Kitchen-table"-Riddim by Ranch-Entertainment: "Go my way" und "She´s what I´m into"! Check it out!





After three years of hard work we can proudly offer now exclusively here: Download the complete shaggy songlist!!! The 3rd column shows, for which Shaggy-songs videos where produced. Songs, marked in red are songs which Shaggy is featuring. 

At the end of the list, all Shaggy dubplates which are yet known are listed.

The complete Shaggy Songlist- his intire life´s work! - Download here:

Title: Pure Pleasure

Description: Shaggy's debut album. It was published on August, 24, 1993. 4 singles which were outcoupled: "Oh Carolina", a dancehall remake of a ska hit of the Folkes Brothers, which reached number one on the UK Singles charts. Furthermore, "Nice and lovely" that fought up to peak #46 within the charts, "Soon be done" that positioned at number 39 and finally "Big up", which was also used as soundtrack of the film "Made in America".

Producer: O. Burrell

Formats: CD, Vinyl, Cassette

Tracklist: 1. "Soon Be Done", 2. "Give Thanks and Praise", 3. "Lust", 4. "Oh Carolina", 5. "Tek Set", 6. "Bedroom Bounty Hunter", 7. "Nice and Lovely" (ft. Rayvon), 8. "Love How Them Flex", 9. "All Virgins", 10. "Ah-E-A-Oh" (ft. Sylva), 11. "It Bun Me", 12. "Big Up" (ft. Rayvon), 13. "Bow Wow Wow", 14. "Follow Me", 15. "Mampie", 16. "Oh Carolina";

Title: Original Doberman

Desciption: Shaggy´s second studio album, which was released back in  July 1994. It is so far the only Shaggy album from which no singles were released. But the song "Lately" was used as the theme song for the popular Jamaican gameshow "Lamba" in the years 1994 and 1995. The album was reissued with a new cover but the same tracklist in 2002.

Producer: Don Moodie, Paul Henton

Formats: CD, Vinyl, Cassette

Tracklist: 1."Kibbles and Bits", 2."Bullet-Proof Buddy", 3."We Never Danced to the Rub-a-Dub Sound" (ft. Rayvon), 4."Alimony", 5."Jump and Rock", 6."Chow" (ft. Sugar Minott), 7."P.H.A.T.", 8."Wild Fire" (ft. Rayvon), 9."Glamity Power", 10."Man a Yard", 11."Get Down to It" (ft. Rayvon), 12."Soldering", 13."Lately" (ft.Rayvon)

Title: Boombastic

Description: 3rd studio album. It was released on 11 July 1995. More than one million copies were sold only in the US, as well as more than 500,000 copies in the UK. For this album 5 singles were released: "In the summertime", a Mungo Jerry cover, "Mr. Boombastic" the single hits number 1 in the UK, # 3 in the Billboard Hot 100 and # 1 on the Billboard R 'n B Charts, 'Why you treat me so bad", " The Train is coming "and" Day Oh ". The hit Boombastic was also used in a Levi's advertising. The album won the Grammy for Best Reggae Album.

Producers: Tony Kelly, Robert Livingston, Bobby Digital;

Formats: CD, Vinyl, Cassette

Versions: Album with 14 tracks

                US-Version with 2 Bonus tracks ('In the summertime' Remix + 'Boombastic' Remix)

Tracklist: 1."In the Summertime" (ft. Rayvon), 2."Boombastic", 3."Something Different" (ft. Wayne Wonder), 4."Forgive Them Father", 5."Heartbreak Suzie" (ft. Gold Mine), 6."Finger Smith", 7."Why You Treat Me So Bad" (ft. Grand Puba), 8."Woman a Pressure Me", 9."The Train Is Coming" (ft. Ken Boothe), 10."Island Lover", 11."Day Oh", 12."Jenny" (ft. Budda Junky Swan), 13."How Much More", 14."Gal Yu a Pepper"

Title: Midnite Lover

Description: Shaggy's fourth studio album, released back on August 24th, 1997. He tried deliberately to strike smoother, quieter tones. Unfortunately, the sale figures were much worst than those for "Boombastic". In the UK for example, only 50,000 units were sold. Midnite Lover was the first album on which a song title is identical with the album title. This series is expected to continue up to "Intoxication". Two singles were released: "Piece of My Heart" and "My Dream".

Producer: Orville Burrell

Formats: CD, Vinyl, Cassette

Tracklist:1."My Dream", 2."Perfect Song" - (ft. Maxi Priest), 3."Tender Love", 4."Geenie" (ft. Brian and Tony Gold), 5."Sexy Body Girls", 6."Piece of My Heart" (ft. Marsha), 7."Think Ah So It Go", 8."Midnite Lover", 9."Mission", 10."Way Back Home", 11."John Doe", 12."Thank You Lord" (ft. Ky-Mani Marley)

Title: Hot Shot

Description: Fifth studio album. It was released on August 8th, 2000  in the U.S. before it was finally released on April 8th, 2001 in Europe. Hot Shot is Shaggy's most successful album to date. It reached Diamond status in the United States and was sold nearly 11 million times. Worldwide, about 15 million units were sold. Due to the great success of the album, a remix album, entitled "Hot Shot Ultramix" was released a few month later. 5 singles were decoupled: "It was't me," "Angel," Shaggy's most successful single, "Hope", "Dance and shout" and "Luv me luv me".

Producer: Robert Livingston

Formats: CD, Vinyl, Cassette

Versions: 15-tracks album  

                UK-Edition with 2 Bonus tracks ('Why you mad at me', 'Dance and Shout' Remix)

Tracklist: 1."Hot Shot", 2."Lonely Lover" (Ft. Prof. T), 3."Dance & Shout" (Ft. Pee Wee), 4."Leave It To Me", 5."Angel" (Ft. Rayvon), 6."Hope" (Ft.Mister Mydas), 7."Keep'n It Real", 8."Luv Me, Luv Me" (Ft. Samantha Cole), 9."Freaky Girl" (Featuring The Kraft), 10."It Wasn't Me" (Ft."RikRok"), 11."Not Fair" (Ft. Tony "Rude" Seawright), 12."Hey Love", 13. "Why Me Lord?", 14."Chica Bonita" (Ft."RikRok"), 15."Dance & Shout"


Of course a huge amount of marketing was rolled out for the Hot Shot album. The PR machine was in full swing and there was, among many other things, a rather amusing promotional clip for the album, which you can admire here!





[Translate to Englisch:] Hot Shot ist das kommerziell erfolgreichste Shaggy Album, weshalb es auch zu einer Reihe von crossover Produkten kam. Das erste davon war das "Hot Shot Ultramix" Album, veröffentlicht ungefähr ein Jahr nach Hot Shot mit Remix Versionen der Hot-Shot Hits aber auch mit Neuveröffentlichungen. Nach der Hot-Shot Austrialian Tour folgte dann als weiteres crossover Produkt die Australian tour edition von Hot Shot.

Tracklist: 1. "It Wasn't Me" [Punch Mix], 2. "Special Request" [Rough Cut Demo], 3. "Freaky Girl" [Strip Mix], 4. "Too hot to handle", 5. "Why You Mad At Me?", 6. "Keep'n It Real" [Swingers Mix], 7. "Leave It To Me" [Early Mix], 8. "Chica bonita" [Players Mix], 9. "It Wasn't Me" [The Cartel Mix], 10. "Dance and Shout" [Dance Hall Mix], 11. "Hope" [Dukes Mix], 12. "Angel" [Live]

The Australian Tour Edition Album is a double disk CD: CD 1 is the Hot-Shot Album, CD 2 offers Remixes from some Hot-Shot Classics and music videos.

Tracklist CD 1: 1."Hot Shot", 2."Lonely Lover" (Ft. Prof. T), 3."Dance & Shout" (Ft. Pee Wee), 4."Leave It To Me", 5."Angel" (Ft. Rayvon), 6."Hope" (Ft.Mister Mydas), 7."Keep'n It Real", 8."Luv Me, Luv Me" (Ft. Samantha Cole), 9."Freaky Girl" (Featuring The Kraft), 10."It Wasn't Me" (Ft."RikRok"), 11."Not Fair" (Ft. Tony "Rude" Seawright), 12."Hey Love", 13. "Why Me Lord?", 14."Chica Bonita" (Ft."RikRok"), 15."Dance & Shout"

Trackliste CD 2: Video1 "Dance & Shout" (Enhanced Klub Kings Video), Video2 "It Wasn't Me" (Enhanced Video), 1."Luv Me, Luv Me" (Radio Edit), 2."Dance And Shout" (Klub Kings Klub Mix), 3."It Wasn't Me" (Crash & Burn Remix), 4. "Angel" (Dance Hall Remix), 5."Dance And Shout" (Pussy 2000 Club Mix Edit) + Video "Luv Me, Luv Me" (Enhanced Video);

Title: Lucky Day

Description: Sixth studio album and seamlessly continues the success of Hot Shots. It was published on 29 October 2002. The album made it to rank 24 of the Billboard 200 and later reached gold status. From this album 3 singles were released: "Hey sexy lady", "Strength of a woman" and "Get my party on".

Producer: Orville Burrell

Formats: CD, Vinyl, Cassette

Versions: 15 tracks album

                US Edition with Bonus track 'Strength of a Woman' Remix

                UK Edition with 2 Bonus tracks ('Strength of a Woman' Remix, 'High Beam')

Tracklist: 1."Shake Shake Shake", 2."Full Control" (ft. Barrington Levy), 3."Hookie Jookie", 4."Hey Sexy Lady" (ft. Brian and Tony Gold), 5."Get My Party On" (ft. Chaka Khan), 6.Lucky Day", 7."Strength of a Woman", 8."Lost" (ft. Prince Mydas), 9."Strange Love" (ft. Mona), 10."Leave Me Alone", 11."These Are the Lips" (ft. Rikrok), 12."Give Thanks", 13."Walking in My Shoes", 14."We Are the Ones", 15."Hey Sexy Lady" (Sting International Mix- ft. Sean Paul)

Title: Clothes Drop

Description: was released after a small break on September 2nd, 2005 as the seventh studio album and is stylistically a change to the two previous albums. The reference to Pop was noticeably reduced, but reggae elements were again increasingly installed. Again, three singles were released: "Wild2nite", "Ultimatum" and "Ready fi di ride". Clothes Drop is also the last album which was released alongside the CD as a vinyl and even as a MC version. For this album Shaggy asked his fans to vote between two songs, of which the one with the most votes will be on the Album: The winner was "ready fi di ride"! The album was nominated for a Grammy in 2006 for 'Best Reggae Album'.

Producers: Orville Burrell,, Scott Storch, Carvin & Ivan

Formats: CD, Vinyl, Cassette

Versions: 17 tracks album

                Japan Edition with Bonus track 'Hold me'

                US Edition w. 2 Bonus Tracks 'Goodie Goodie' + Sexy Gyal Whind'

Tracklist: 1."Clothes Drop" 2."Ready fi di Ride", 3."Broadway", 4.Wild 2nite" (ft. Olivia), 5.Back in the Days" (Feat. Rayvon), 6."Supa Hypnotic" (ft. Nicole Scherzinger), 7."Would You Be" (ft Brian Thompson), 8."Stand Up", 9."Repent", 10."Luv Me Up", 11."Ahead in Life", 12."Ultimatum" (ft. Na'sha), 13."Shut Up & Dance" (ft., 14."Don't Ask Her That" (ft. Nicole Scherzinger), 15."Road Block" (ft. Rikrok), 16."Gone With Angels", 17."Letter to My Kids"

Title: Intoxication

Description: Eighth studio album - leaves again intimated a strong change in style to the previous works. In this album, strong R & B elements were installed. The album was released on 22 October 2007 and 4 singles were released: "Church Heathen", "Bonafide Girl", "What's love" and "Feel the rush". The Album was nominated for a Grammy in 2009 for 'Best Reggae Album'.

Producers: Orville Burrell, Ricardo Ducent, Robert Livingston, Shaun Pizzonia

Formats: CD

Versions:  15 tracks album

                 Europ. version with Bonus Track 'Reggae Vibes'

                 Japan Version with Bonus Tracks 'Reggae Vibes' + 'Wrong Move'

                 Special Digital Version mit Bonus Tracks 'Feel the rush', 'Who a wear di jacket', 'A nuh you, a nuh me' + 'Can´t take my flava'



Tracklist: 1. "Can't Hold Me" (ft. Rik Rok), 2."Bonafide Girl" (ft. Rik Rok and Tony Gold), 3."Intoxication", 4."Those Days" (ft. Na'sha), 5."More Woman", 6."Woman Scorn" (ft. Rik Rok), 7."Mad Mad World" (ft. Collie Buddz), 8."Out of Control" (ft. Rayvon), 9."Church Heathen", 10."Wear di Crown", 11."Criteria", 12."Body A Shake", 13."What's Love" (ft. Akon), 14."Holla at You", 15."All About Love", 16."Reggae Vibes";

Title: Summer in Kingston

Description: Shaggy's ninth Studio album first appeared as a digital download on 19 July 2011. It is also the shortest album to date by the artist with only 8 tracks. On 7 February 2012 it was also issued in physical form under the name "Lava Edition" with two more tracks ("Hurting" + "She gives me love"). The album spawned two extractions out: "Sugarcane" and "Fuck the recession." This album was intended more for the North and South American market. The Album was nominated for a Grammy in 2012 for 'Best Reggae Album'

Producers: Teflon and others

Formats: CD

[Translate to Englisch:] Tracklist: 1."Just Another Girl" (ft. Tarrus Riley), 2."Sugarcane, 3."Dame" (ft. Celia), 4."Feeling Alive" (ft. Agent Sasco), 5."End of the World (Drink Up)", 6."Soldiers Story" (ft. Jaiden), 7."Fired Up (Fuck the Rece$$ion!)" (ft. Pitbull), 8."The Only One (Lie to Me)" (ft. Jaiden);

Title: Rise

Description: Is the counterpart to "Summer in Kingston" for the European market, for which it was made compliant with a new look and some bonus tracks. It can be seen as Shaggy's tenth Studio album, which appeared on 28 September 2012. Rise contains all the songs from Summer in Kingston, plus in addition two previously released singles called "Girls just wanna have fun" ft. Eve and "World Citizen" with Jahcoustix. Also two to that date unreleased songs where on it: "Rise" and "Diva ". In addition, the world's No. 1 hit "Fly High" takes place on the album.

Producers: Orville Burrell, Andreas Litterscheid, Teflon, Alex Wende, Lars Bendix Buysen

Formats: CD

[Translate to Englisch:] Tracklist: 1."Rise", 2."Girls Just Want to Have Fun" (ft. Eve), 3."Dame" (ft. Kat Deluna), 4."Fired Up (Fuck the Rece$$ion!)" (ft. Pitbull), 5."Diva", 6."World Citizen" (ft. Jahcoustix),  7."Feeling Alive" (ft. Agent Sasco), 8."Just Another Girl" (ft.Tarrus Riley), 9."Sugarcane", 10."End of the World (Drink Up)", 11."The Only One (Lie to Me)" (ft. Jaiden), 12."Soldiers Story" (ft. Jaiden), 13."Hurting", 14."Get Back My Baby", 15."Fly High" (ft. Gary "Nesta" Pine);

Title: Out of many one Music 

Description: Shaggy's 11th Studio album in over 25 years of his career and was published at 24.9. 2013. Shaggy breaks with this album with some entrenched traditions of all albums and singles before: the most serious difference certainly is the fact that for the first time in Shaggy's 25 year career no picture of himself is on the cover of the album and single releases but instead sumptuous images such as a sea of roses or the new Shaggy coat of arms formed out of musical instruments, can be seen. Furthermore, it is Shaggy's first pure Roots Reggae album and this time he renounced to all long-term Co-Partner such as Rayvon, Red Fox, Cecile, Rik Rok and Maxi Priest. The name of the album derives from the Jamaican word "Out of many one people". The three extractions are "Fight this Feeling" ft. Beres Hammond, "You Girl" ft. Ne-Yo and "If U slip U slide" ft. Melissa Musique! The album was nominated for a Grammy in 2015 for 'Best Reggae Album'. 

Producers: Shaun Pizzonia, Sly & Robbie

Formats: CD

Versions: 13 tracks album

                XL Version with 4 Bonus Tracks ("Revolution ft. Dennis Brown", "Night flight ft. Supercat + Maxi Priest", "Step up di ting" +"Connect the dots")  

[Translate to Englisch:] Tracklist: 1. "If U Slip U Slide (You Could Be Mine)" (FT. Melissa Musique), 2. "Till I Kissed Ya" (FT. Samira), 3. "Like Never Before" (FT. Cocoa Tea & Joe), 4."Fight This Feeling" (FT.. Beres Hammond), 5. "All We Need Is Love" (FT.. Konshens & Jimmy Cozier), "6. Money & Friends", 7. "You Girl" (FT. Ne-Yo), 8. "Deadly Love" (FT.. Peetah Morgan & Tessanne Chin), 9. "My Duty" (FT. Tarrus Riley), 10. "Crazy" (FT. Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley & Chioma), 11. "Bridges" (FT.. Chronixx), 12. "Trouble Under Your Roof", 13. "Scheming";

Title: '44/876' 

Description: Shaggy´s 12th studioalbum. Released on April 20, 2018, it´s a joint-album together with Sting from "The Police". First single out of the album is 'Don´t make me wait', released back on January 25, 2018. Further single-releases were 'Morning is coming', '44/876', 'Gotta get back my baby' and 'Waiting for the break of day'. The single 'Just one lifetime' was not explicitly released, but an animated video for the song appeared. Available as 12-tracks album or 16-tracks Deluxe Edition (The 4 bonus-tracks are: "If you can´t find love", "Love changes everything", "16 Fathoms" und "Don´t make me wait"- Remix). The album won the Grammy on Feb. 10, 2019.

Producers: Martin Kierszenbaum, Dwayn "iLL Wayno" Shippy, Teflon, Shane Hoosong, Sting, Machine Gun Funk

Formats: CD, Vinyl  

Versions: 12 tracks album

                Deluxe Edition with 4 Bonus Tracks ("If you can´t find love", "Love changes everything", "16 Fathoms" und "Don´t make me wait"- Remix).

                Super Deluxe Box with 2 CD´s (Album + Live-CD) as well as Photocards



Tracklist: 1. "44/876" ft. Morgan Heritage, 2. "Morning is coming",  3. "Waiting for the break of day", 4. "Gotta get back my Baby", 5. "Don´t make me wait", 6. "Just one lifetime", 7. "22nd street", 8. "Dreaming in the U.S.A., 9. "Crooked tree", 10. To love and be loved", 11. "Sad trombone", 12. "Night shift", 13. "If you can´t find love", 14. "Love changes everything", 15. "16 Fathoms", 16. "Don´t make me wait"- Remix


Of course a huge amount of marketing was rolled out for Shaggy´s hit-album '44/87'. The PR machine was in full swing and there was, among many other things, a rather amusing promotional clip, which you can watch here!



One month after the release date, from Shaggy and Sting's hit album "44/876" a remix album called "44/876 - The Remixes" was published. 

Tracklist: 1. "Don´t make me wait (Dave Audé Rhythmic Radio Remix)", 2. "Dreaming in the U.S.A. (Baio Remix)", 3. "Morning is coming (Rory Stone Love Black Dub Day Remx)", 4. "Don´t make me wait (Tropkillaz Remix)", 5. "Just one Lifetime (Cherry Cherry Boom Boom Remix)", 6. "Don´t make me wait (Jungle Josh x JROB Remix)", 7. "Don´t make me wait (iLL Wayno Remix)", 8. "Don´t make me wait (One Drop Remix), 9. "Gotta get back my baby (Dave Audé Radio Remix), 10. "Don´t make me wait (Dave Audé Club Mix), 11. "Don´t make me wait (Madison Mars Remix), 12. "Don´t make me wait (Tom Stephan Club Mix);

Wah gwaan?! is Shaggy´s 13th studioalbum in a span of over 30 years of his carreer. Released on May, 10, 2018, the tentative title was 'Mr. Lover' for a long time. The song "Tic Toc" with Jason DeRulo appearing on the original tracklist was canceled a few days before the release of the album. The album contains 14 tracks, the three released singles were 'Use me, 'Money up and 'You. Producers: Tony Kelly, Dave Kelly, Martin Kierszenbaum, Dwayn "iLL Wayno" Shippy, Kizzo, Costi Official; 

Tracklist: 1. "Caribbean way", 2. "When she loves me" (ft. Rayvon), 3. "You" (ft. Alexander Stewart), 4. "Friends" (ft. Gene Noble), 5. "Money up" (ft. Noah Powa), 6. "Supernatural" (ft. Stacy Barthe + Shenseea), 7. "Wrong room", 8. "Praise", 9. "Ketch mi up", 10. "Use me",  11. "Make-Up sex" (ft. Nyanda), 12. "Body Good" (ft. Nicky Jam), 13. "Live", 14. "Frenemy";

Title: Hot Shot 2020

Description: Shaggy's 14th studio album and was released on July 10, 2020. His greatest hits were reissued in a new, modern form for the 20th anniversary of the hit album. Classics like It wasn't me, Angel, Boombastic, Oh Carolina and many more will be found on it as well as some brand new tunes and remixes. 2 songs were decoupled: 'It wasn't me' and 'Angel'.

Producer: Shane Hoosong

Formats: CD, Vinyl

Versions: 14-tracks album

                Deluxe-Version w.4 Bonus-Tracks ("Electric Avenue (Hot Shot 2020) (Dave Audé Remix)", "Under the Sea (Hot Shot 2020) (Dave Audé Remix)", "It Wasn’t Me (Hot Shot 2020) feat. Rayvon (Dave Audé Remix)", "Algoritmo (Cherry Cherry Boom Boom Version) – Shaggy, with Willie Peyote & Don Joe"



Tracklist: 1."Hot Shot (Hot Shot 2020)", 2."It Wasn’t Me (Hot Shot 2020) feat. Rayvon", 3. "Luv Me Luv Me (Hot Shot 2020) feat. Amber Lee", 4."Angel (Hot Shot 2020) feat. Sting", 5."Keep'n It Real (Hot Shot 2020)", 6."Primavera (Hot Shot 2020) feat. Sting", 7."Buk-In-Hamm Palace (Hot Shot 2020)", 8."Oh Carolina (Hot Shot 2020)", 9."Electric Avenue (Hot Shot 2020)", 10."Caribbean Plans (Hot Shot 2020) feat. Rani", 11."Boombastic (Hot Shot 2020)", 12."Strength of A Woman (Hot Shot 2020)", 13."Under the Sea (Hot Shot 2020)", 14."Hey Sexy Lady (Hot Shot 2020)"

Title: Christmas in the islands

Description: Shaggy´s first Christmas album equals his 15th Studio-Album. Released back on Nov. 20, 2020, the album marks the first in Shaggy´s career which wasn´t released as a physical CD. First 2 singles released where "Raggamuffin Christmas" and "Have yourself a merry Christmas".

Producer: Tony "CD" Kelly, Shane Hoosong, iLLWayno, Martin Kierszenbaum, RichieD and Jerry Fuentes.

Formats: MP3 only

Versions: 15-tracks Album

Tracklist: 1. "No Icy Christmas" ft. Sanchez, 2. "We got us" ft. Shenseea & OMI, 3. "Take you to the Cool" ft. Richie Stephens & Conkarah, 4. "Christmas in the Islands" ft. Rayvon, 5. "Holiday in Jamaica" ft. Ne-Yo, 6. "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas", 7. "Open presents" ft. Romain Virgo, 8. "Raggamuffin Christmas" ft. Bounty Killer", 9. "Christmas time " ft. Jamila Falak, 10. "12 days of Christmas" ft. Beenie Man, 11. "Warm & Easy", 12. "Sunny Celebration" ft. Joss Stone, 13. "Catch myself some Rays" ft. Carys, 14. "Love when it´s Christmas", 15. "I´ll be Home for Christmas".

As part of the album release, Shaggy e-cards in an "Christmas in the islands" design could also be sent before Christmas 2020. Here's one from Shaggy to

Of course, Shaggy doesn't forget about the wellbeing of his fans during the holidays either. That is why he has published some recipes for a "Funny Christmas" on his IG channel. Cheers!

Shaggy and Friends would be the ninth studio album by Shaggy. It was published on 19 January 2011 and half a year before Summer in Kingston. But Shaggy separated in December 2010 by his longtime producer Robert Livingston (for more information see BigYardultramix). The album has been done after the separation. Livingston packed already produced Shaggy songs on an album, and released it without the knowledge of the artist. Shaggy has never been authorized and approved this album and therefore he goes the legal way against it. For this reason, it is also the only album that did not appear in physical form, only as a digital download. Even the name is confusing, because Shaggy is doing his charitable activities for the Bustamante Children's Hospital under the name "Shaggy and Friends" and would therefore never name an album this way.

Tracklist: 1."Too Cute" (ft. Ty-Arie), 2."Good Times Roll" (ft.Ty-Arie), 3."Believer" (ft. Jaiden), 4."Everything You Need" (ft. Shaun Pizzonia), 5."Can't Fight This Feeling" (ft. Chris Birch), 6."Thank You" (ft.'RikRok'), 7."Shaggy & Rayvon Show" (ft. Rayvon), 8."I'm Rebel" (ft. Chris Birch), 9."This Could Be Your Day" (ft. Brian and Tony Gold), 10."I'm Sorry" (ft. Qwote), 11."Holla At You" (ft. D-lynx), 12."Gal Roll" (ft. D-lynx), 13."You See Him Face" (ft. Chris Martin), 14."Needle Eye" (ft. Rayvon);

Unfortunately there is a real wild growth among the "best of" albums by Shaggy. To get some light onto this, I tried here to compile a chronological list of them with the respective tracklists:


Mr. Lover Lover, The best of Shaggy, Part 1 oder "Utlimate Shaggy Collection" According to, 2 Versions of this album should exist: the American version of Mr. Lover Lover was once again intended to include material from Shaggy's first four albums, the original version of "Luv Me, Luv Me", and three brand new tracks - "The Reggae Virus", "Better Not Be" and "Hot Gal". The European version should contain "Better not be" instead of "True dat". However, when the album was released on January 29, 2002, both the European and American versions of the album had an identical tracklisting, neither containing the three brand new tracks.

1."Boombastic" (Sting Remix),  2. "In the Summertime" (featuring Rayvon), 3."Oh Carolina", 4."Luv Me, Luv Me" (featuring Janet Jackson), 5."Nice And Lovely", 6."The Train Is Coming" (featuring Ken Boothe), 7."Why You Treat Me So Bad" (featuring Grand Puba), 8. "Big Up" (featuring Rayvon), 9."Piece of My Heart" (featuring Marsha), 10."Sexy Body Girls", 11."Something Different" (featuring Wayne Wonder), 12."That Girl" (featuring Maxi Priest and Rayvon), 13."Get Up, Stand up", 14."Boombastic";



Boombastic Hits is the second compilation album released by Shaggy. The album was released on November 6, 2003. The album features a range of material from Shaggy's albums "Boombastic" and "Midnite Lover", as well as the b-side "One Burner", which had previously never been included on any of Shaggy's albums.

1."Boombastic", 2. "Piece of My Heart" (featuring Marsha), 3."Something Different" (featuring Wayne Wonder), 4."Perfect Song" (featuring Maxi Priest), 5."One Burner", 6."Heartbreak Suzie" (featuring Gold Mine), 7."My Dream", 8."Geenie" (featuring Brian and Tony Gold), 9."Forgive Them Father", 10."Midnite Lover", 11."Gal You a Pepper", 12."In the Summertime" (Sting vs. Shaggy Remix);



The best of Shaggy is the third compilation album released by Shaggy. The album was released through joint agreement between EMI and Virgin Records. The album was released on August 4, 2008 and includes material from his first four studioalbums, as well as his collaboration with Maxi Priest, from his album Man With The Fun. As Shaggy's later releases were under a different record label, EMI and Virgin did not hold the right to release tracks from them.

1."Boombastic" (Album Version), 2."In the Summertime" (featuring Rayvon), 3."Oh Carolina", 4."That Girl" (featuring Maxi Priest) , 5."Piece of My Heart" (featuring Marsha Morrison), 6."Sexy Body Girls", 7."Why You Treat Me So Bad" (featuring Grand Puba), 8."Big Up" (featuring Rayvon), 9."Soon Be Done", 10."Woman A Pressure Me", 11."The Train Is Coming" (featuring Ken Boothe), 12."Geenie" (featuring Brian and Tony Gold);



Best of Shaggy- The boombastic collection is the fourth compilation album released Shaggy. The album was released in the United Kingdom on August 25, 2008. It reached #22 on the UK Albums Chart. The album features material from all eight of Shaggy's previous studio albums, making it his only compilation to include material from post-Hot Shot.

1."Boombastic", 2."Strength of a Woman", 3."Angel" (featuring Rayvon), 4."Hey Sexy Lady" (featuring Brian and Tony Gold), 5."Feel the Rush" (featuring Trix & Flix), 6."Those Days" (featuring Na'sha), 7."Don't Ask Her That" (featuring Nicole Scherzinger), 8."It Wasn't Me" (featuring Ricardo 'RikRok' Ducent), 9."Hope" (featuring Prince Mydas), 10."In the Summertime" (featuring Rayvon), 11."Luv Me, Luv Me" (featuring Samantha Cole), 12."Oh Carolina", 13."Ready fi di Ride", 14."Church Heathen", 15."Leave It to Me" (featuring Brian and Tony Gold), 16."Would You Be" (featuring Brian Thompson), 17."Wild 2nite" (featuring Olivia), 18."Gone with Angels";





For Shaggy's biggest tour yet, the Hot-Shot-Tour in 2000 and 2001, a tour programme was issued. It is a 20-page glossy program of the finest quality with removable poster. Content is facts about Shaggy's everyday life as a star on the road, an insight into the creation of hot-shot, a short biography and a lot of facts about the tour and the responsible team.

When it became clear that hot shot hits all recent sales figures (with the exception of Bob Marley's posthumous album "Legend") in the reggae business, even a counter has been set up, which finally stopped just over 10 Mio!!

To celebrate the platinum award for the album, a big event was organized - those responsible for the record company got their own polo shirts with the appropriate imprint.




As already mentioned above, no efforts were to high for the hot shot tour back in 2001. Everyone should know that HE, Mr. Hot Shot, is in town. A help was the famous "hot shot banana" bus, which represented Shaggy's tour bus within the US.

The Hot Shot album was in many respects decisive. With his song "Angel" Shaggy is also found in the Guinness Book of World-Records. The song held the record for most radio plays in one week



Die ursprüngliche Fotographie

Shaggy's album Hot Shot 2020 was released as a digital version and as CD. Beside that, a vinyl-Version is available. Basically in classic black color, a limited colored vinyl edition is offered in France. Buyers got it delivered the day before the official album release. also got a copy. A photo of it was published on our Instagram account (all_about_shaggy). Because of the fact, that it is a limited Edition, no photos beside the official advertising shots were available on the net. Therefore Shaggy and his manager Martin Kierszenbaum (MkCherryboom) reposted the article. In addition, the pic was reused by many grants of the reggae and dancehall scene for their posts and stories on Instagram. Shaggy also used it for a video-call interview as background. Here is a small excerpt:



Repost by Shaggy...
...M. Kierszenbaum…
...and Sharon Burke.
Backgr. Video-Interview
Story Repost Shaggy
Story Repost Don Corleonie
Story Repost Tina Matalon
Story Repost Kemar Highcon

You can compare Shaggy's so far most successful album "Hot Shot" from the year 2000 in many ways with his second most successful album "44/876" from the year 2018. As the numbers show, "44/876" is even more successful than "Hot Shot" (marked in green) in some countries, or it has entered the charts in some countries that "Hot Shot" could not conquer at the time (marked in orange).