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Ere dis!!! Shaggy released Hot Shot 2020 in celebration of the 20th anniversary on July 10. Check it out! - And: Brand new tune: Like to be ft. Shane Hoosong






This page is an infoportal about the reggae / dancehall singer O.R. Burrell aka Shaggy. Those of you, who visit the page regularly, will get updates about new songs, latest collabs and music videos. Furthermore all about Shaggy's private and working life, his hobbies, etc.! But the heart of the site ist definitely the world's only complete songlist with all ever released songs from Shaggy!

Shaggy - fierce Businessman and humble philantropist hast massive beats, big boomtunes and maaaad epic masterpieces as his trademarks. Shaggy´s gruffly melodic dancehall toasting is pure summer feeling. Cornerstones of his carreer are: 


2-times Grammy-winner

600 Songs

15 albums

more than 100 music videos

30 million records sold

8 worldwide Nr.1 albums

12 worldwide Nr.1 Singles, 2 in the U.S.


Top 3 streamed Reggae Artist with over 800 million streams

Collected donations to date: Over 3 million $

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Currently no dates because auf Covid-19 pandemic




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