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Ere dis!!! In January 2 new Shaggy tunes will be released on the "Kitchen-table"-Riddim by Ranch-Entertainment: "Go my way" und "She´s what I´m into"! Check it out!






Welcome to the Shaggy-Game Corner!

Shaggy has already been part of many quiz questions or fan posts such as the crowd pleaser "Quizduell" in Germany or a question of M & M´s to their fans on IG Germany (see pictures below)!

If you've always wanted to combine your preference for crosswords and other kinds of brain teasers with your passion for Shaggy, than this is THE place. A picture, which is different to the other with 5 mistakes, a crossword as well as finding words out of letters and some other games invite you to linger. The solution can be found under the point contact. Have fun!



Finding the 5 mistakes



To download and print the crossword click the link >


Or fill it in online >

Finding Jamaica

Finding Jamaica is a funny guessing game for the whole family- who finds all the cities and places, the old Routemaster is built off? Just click the image to make it bigger. To make the game more exciting, you can use the stopwatch on the right to set a time limit- how about a minute? Have fun!



Finding words


The words may be horizontal hidden in write-direction, horizontal contrary the write direction or in diagonal direction torwards the print! The following words are hidden:




Audio Quiz

Within the Shaggy audio quiz you can listen to short excerpts from Shaggy songs. Afterwards you can guess from which of the nearly 480 songs each sequence is derived, in some cases, not too easy task!

Track 1

Track 2

Track 3