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As an international superstar, Shaggy´s often been driven to events or the red carpet with the best cars in the world - as seen in Miami: Shaggy in a Maybach! 





Shaggy is known as a family man. Therefore, it is paramount to him to celebrate important celebrations surrounded by his loved ones.

First and foremost mentioned are of course his birthday and christmas. Especially at Christmas, he spends every year about 2 weeks with his family at the villa in Jamaica, where the feast is celebrated extensively, as the following pics impressively show:




But of course, Shaggy´s birthday is also important. Unfortunately, Shaggy´s not in the situation, to spend it every year with his family, but if not, at least a short period afterwards. In some years, a big Party in Kingston is thrown (see invitation card on the right!). In additon, Shaggy doesn´t forget his fans on his earthstrong: If you congratulate him on his birthday, he will write back immediately! (see IG screenshots);



A reason, why Shaggy isn´t able to spend every birthday with his family is, of course, the job. At his 42nd birthday, Bacardi throw a huge birthday party for Shaggy in Sydney- of course not without their own use. Bacardi applied with this campaign to his vodka brand  "42 Below". Shaggy gave a concert, did a Meet&Greets and there was lot of PR on the social networks. Some impressions are right here:



Shaggy celebrated his 50th birthday on 22/10/2018. One of the first well-wishers, of course, was He was very happy about the gift basket with lots of gusto pieces that meet Shaggy's taste.

One of Shaggy´s favourite jewelry-shops is the one of Chris Aire in Beverly Hills. Chris Aire supplied Shaggy for a long time now with sumptuous rings, bracelets watches and many more. Shaggy has his own, distinctive style!! Next to Shaggy, Chris Aire provides Eva Longoria, Muhammed Ali, Bruce Willis and Halle Berry with jewelry.

Who would not be interested in how Shaggy´s living inside his Villa? No prob- Here are some photos!

Beside that, Shaggy owns a second estate in Coconut Grove, Coral Springs.

Shaggy is describing his house in the following words: " My house is in Kingston, I have a very traditional home, colonial style, we're talking huge windows, wooden floors, and 11 bathrooms. My latest place is in Coconut Grove, Miami; it's smaller, there's less furniture, 'cause I kinda got into feng shui. Less is more."



Side gate
Garden area, which is not used
Front gate
Myself at the front gate
Shaggy himself at the front gate
Car park
Alongside the house
Yard site
Chilling by the pool
Enjoying a cigar
Front door
Behind the front door
Open living area
Living room w. piano
Dining room
TV room
TV room
Sideroom (2)
Sideroom (3)
Sideroom (4)
Shaggy in gym

Also Shaggy has to stay in shape. That´s why he has a personal trainer - Kyle Anderson. He is the inventor of Elitist-Sports (check it out unter and trains Shaggy at his home or even on tour. 

His statement: "During my career, I have been fortunate enough to train a variety of interesting and well-known people. I have gone on tour with diamond-selling recording artist Shaggy. Let’s face it, even “Mr. Bombastic” himself has to stay in shape and when he needs to do so, he calls on Kyle! In addition to training sessions at Shaggy’s home, I helped him to keep in great shape while traveling all over the world."